Link and things to Note before you apply for RYSA Nigeria 2022/2023

Interested candidates should Complete and submit the online application form , which will require confirming their registration with a valid email address then setting up your contact information This will also involve uploading the electronic versions of the following documents

Documents Required

If you do not receive the verification email, kindly wait for 10-15minutes then login with your registered email address and password.

Do not upload documents that are larger than 500kbs, it will not be processed.

1.   Passport Photograph: must be with white background and must be in jpg or png format only.
2.   Local Government Certificate of Origin: must be in jpg, png or pdf format only.
3.   Birth Certificate or Sworn Afidavit of Age Declaration: must be in jpg, png or pdf format only.
4.  Means of Identification: This should be either of the following; NIN , Voters ID , Drivers License , International Passports. These also must be in jpg, png or pdf format only.

Step 2-Select a Skill-set/Enterprises/Ventures:

Candidates are required to select one preferred Skill-Sets/ Enterprises below for training and empowerment with RYSA.

1 Catering & Confectioneries 6 Months
2 Plumbing 6 Months
3 Hair Dressing 6 Months
4 Make-over 6 Months
5 Interlocking/ Tiling 6 Months
6 Woodwork/Furniture 6 Months
7 POP and Screed-making 6 Months
8 Electrical Installations and Repairs 6 Months
9 Aluminium Profiling 6 Months
10 Welding 6 Months
11 Fashion Designing 6 Months
12 Solar Works 6 Months
13 Auto Mechanic 6 Months

Step 3-Motivation/Personal statement

Interested Candidates are to complete the online Motivation/Personal statement form ,this should focus on your motivations and reasons for applying for RYSA training and empowerment programme , how the knowledge you will gain if selected, be of benefit to you and your rural community.

Step 3-Proficiency Skill Test Enrollment & Guarantors

Candidates should Click Enroll for Proficiency Skill Test button to enroll for the proficiency test (charges may apply).

Please note that All Candidates must get enrolled for proficiency skill test as it is mandatory. The test will be conducted online based on the selected skill-sets in the next stage of the selection process.

Candidates are advised to take the practice test

Applicants of RYSA Nigeria should fill and submit the guarantors form to complete the application process.

For any Proficiency Skill Test related issues contact

Step 4-Application Summary

Applicants for RYSA should take the time to review their applications before clicking on the SUBMIT button. Ensure that all information’s are entered correctly and there are no typographical errors. This might just be the difference between an automatic rejection and been shortlisted for the next stage of selection process .

If there are errors in your application after thorough review , please click on the Restart application button to begin your application from Step 1.

Please note that , you will be required to take the Proficiency Skill Test enrollment again (Charges may apply) ,if you have restarted your application only this time with the correct information you have updated.

After Review and every information checks out correctly , then you can proceed to submit your application. No corrections can be made after submission.

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