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Free Bid Africa Registration Form Portal

Are you looking for Free Bid Africa Registration Form Portal or how to participate on Free Bid Africa game online, then read further.

How Free Bid Africa Works

With FreeBidAfrica, Bidders must subscribe to FreeBidAfrica at a monthly fee of ₦5,000 in order to win amazing prizes. Users can bid on over 100 unique items every month.


FreeBidAfrica auctions are available at 8pm everyday.

Anyone can win. All you have to do is subscribe with ₦5,000, go to live auctions, and click on the “BID NOW” button consistently.

How do I win on FreeBidAfrica:
The last person that clicks on the “BID NOW” button when the time on the auction reaches 00:00:00 or when the auction reached the discounted price wins the auction.

Frequently Asked Questions about FreeBid Africa

What is FreeBidAfrica all about?

FreeBidAfrica is a unique online bidding platform that allows you to BID on brand new products like cars, iPhones, laptops, washing machines, etc., and gives you a chance to WIN the products with a one-time monthly subscription fee of ₦5,000.

How does FreeBidAfrica work?

Registered FreeBidAfrica users compete with each other to win items. Once you’ve subscribed for ₦5,000, you’ll be able to bid on any live auction. Once you place a bid, you’re winning until someone else places a bid. When the bid times out, the bid is over and the last person who clicks on the “BID NOW” button wins the product.

How can I start bidding on FreeBidAfrica?

Getting started is very easy. First, sign up for free by entering your phone number and clicking on the START button on the homepage. Then click on the “SUBSCRIBE Now” button. The subscription fee is ₦5,000 per month. Finally, bid on any product in the LIVE AUCTION section by clicking on the BID NOW button.

I just won a product. What will I do next?

One of our representative will reach out to you with details on what to do next. Pick up can be done immediately.

What are the payment methods for subscribing to FreeBidAfrica?

We use approved payment platforms. We support debit Cards and you can make direct transfers. You can contact us by chatting with us anytime on our social media pages for any assistance with the payments.

Are FreeBidAfrica employees allowed to place bids?

No, FreeBidAfrica employees, web developers, or any person engaged directly or indirectly in FreeBidAfrica’s business process is strictly forbidden from bidding on the products.

Who can participate in ZipAwoof?

Anyone over 18 years of age can sign up and participate in ZipAwoof bids.

What is prohibited while bidding at FreeBidAfrica?

Using any third party bidding software, tools, scripts to place automatic bids or operate your account using such methods is strictly prohibited and it will be treated as a violation of our terms and conditions.

Is it legal to offer such online bidding services and to participate in them?

Yes, absolutely. This is a new version of traditional offline bidding that goes like this: Going 1-Going 2-SOLD. Online bidding is legal in Nigeria, and we must meet all CBN, National Lottery Regulatory Commission, various banks, and payment gateway service providers’ compliance requirements.

How long does a FreeBidAfrica bid last?

Bids on FreeBidAfrica come to life every day at 8pm. However, there is no predetermined end time for bids. When the bid clock times out, the bid is over and the last person who clicks on the “BID NOW” button wins the product.

What type of products does FreeBidAfrica put up here for bids?

Smart phones, regular phones, and mobile accessories, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Desktops, iPods, Music system, LED/LCD Tvs, Home Appliances, and everything else. Whatever the latest trends in Nigeria and the most wanted by youngsters.

Are all products brand new, original, and accompanied by the original bill and warranty?

Absolutely yes! All products on FreeBidAfrica are 100% credible, original, and with manufacturer’s warranty. Products can be picked up at our store.

Is there any winning limit? Can I participate and win unlimited products?

There are no limits to FreeBidAfrica. You can participate in unlimited bids and also win unlimited products. There are no such limitations.

How long is my subscription fee valid for after subscribing? Is my subscription fee refundable?

Your ₦5,000 subscription expires after one month (30 days). Your subscription allows you to bid on any live product, but it is not refundable once paid.

Where is the FreeBidAfrica office located?

We don’t have a physical store or office since we are not a shop. FreeBidAfrica is an online bidding platform or, simply put, an online version of your local bidding platforms.

Can I open more than one account on FreeBidAfrica?

Not at all. It is illegal to operate multiple accounts by a single user. Our system monitors your IP address and MAC address. If you are found violating this rule, we will terminate your account permanently and your subscription will be void.

My question is not listed here and I need further clarification

We are open-minded. just contact us by reaching us on any of our social accounts. We will get back to you soon with clarifications.

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