How to play R and S Lotto empire games post, check result

R and S Lotto Empire should be no stranger to Nigerians, especially to those who are very observant. Their kiosks are present in strategic places across the country and are visible to all, irrespective of whether they have a stake in the entity or not.

So, why is the R and S Lotto Empire a popular business in Nigeria?

What is R and S lotto Lotto Empire?

R&S Lotto Ltd is a lottery company that offers lotto games to gamers/players and pays out cash prizes for all winning lottery tickets right away. The lottery platform allows players to access games, predict numbers and match their favourite combinations to win the jackpot.

R and S Lotto Empire Nigeria is a registered business and it is under the governance of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

Unlike some other lotto games, R and S Lotto Lotto Empire games are not web-browser enabled as the company operates no website. However, the company operates a mobile app to facilitate players to access the game.

On the other side, R and S Lotto Empire has increased the reach of its services throughout Nigeria by increasing its number of kiosks across the country. Its closest centres should be found by interested players, who visit there to play the various games.

The locations of the centres, which sell R and S Lotto Empire tickets and are R&S-registered enterprises, are specified. Once a player has located and visited his or her preferred centre, they can ask to play R&S Lotto.

A play slip with your choice of numbers on it will be provided by the person in charge. A charge must be paid, and you will receive a ticket to use while you wait for the draw. Participants are handed a ticket as confirmation that they are taking part in the upcoming draw after filling out the play sheet.


To prevent anyone else from using the ticket to earn incentives other than you, you will also be required to sign the back of it.

R and S lotto Empire post

R and S lotto post can be checked in their centres, which is spread all over Nigeria or through their Facebook pages.  There, players can check results, predictions and everything you need to know about the lotto empire.

R and S lotto empire results

There are two ways to check R and S lotto results and these are;


All you have to do to check your R&S Lotto result on your phone without an internet connection is to dial *372*11#. Players should obey the directive. The code is functional for Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile.


You can check results online through their Facebook page

Facebook page

You may find the results on a few Facebook pages, one of which is 

R and S lotto empire predictions

R and S lotto empire

The following are the preparations you should make to make winning R and S lotto predictions:

Choose the right number 

There is no assurance of success, and lining up the perfect combinations with the draw requires pure luck.

There are a few different methods for selecting the numbers to write on the play slip, though. Some of the countless techniques include the following:

Implement effective strategies

How to win at R & S Lotto Empire is a question that new players usually have. The amount you wager and the winning strategy you use in the lottery influence how much money you will win.

There are numerous winning tactics available when playing R&S Lotto. These are what they are: One opposing the other

The choice of a number that will contrast with the other numbers is necessary for this tactic. To offset the number 20, you can use a set like 98.

For instance, if you use 56 to counter 96-67-89-79, you must get 56 with one of the digits to win. If the numbers 67 and 56 appear together, the result is a win, and the same is true for the other numbers.

Use the direct Approach 

The three-direct strategy is the most lucrative and challenging to play and master.

From each of the five winning sets, you must select three figures. The final result will now be awaited by the player, and if the three digits appear, it will be a significant win.

By investing N100 Naira in the three-direct plan, you can earn more than N200,000. The horrible thing about the prize is that if one of the three digits is missing, no money is given out.

Other lotteries across the world also employ this tactic. Your odds of winning increase when you use a combination of numbers.

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