Football player leaves internet in disbelief over his real age

Numerous fans on social media have insisted that the football player cannot possibly be as young as he claims to be after learning of the genuine age of the player online.

Jeremiah Johnson, a football player from Forth Worth, Texas, claimed MVP honors at the Youth National Championships in Miami over the past weekend.

Texas Football Player

His achievement was drastically overshadowed by the viral responses to his age—which has left fans convinced that something isn’t adding up.

After a picture of the young football player sporting a moustache went viral on Twitter and IG, social media users were left astonished to learn how old the player is—begging the question: can anyone guess the running back’s real age?

While many social media guessed anywhere between 20 and 35, the player said he is almost a decade younger than the most youthful guess—revealing in a video online that he is just 12.

Football Player

Not only did the photo of the player show him holding his trophy, it also showed what looks to be a tattoo on his right arm, sparking more incredulity among social media users.

Users claimed that there is no way that they is no way he wasn’t a grown man, before adding that he looked like he “had a mortgage”

Others noted that he couldn’t be 12 with a Steve Harvey moustache, adding that he looked like he was from the hit movie “21 Jump Street”.

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