What Does Doxxing Means? Why Twitter Suspended The Accounts Of Several Journalists? Reason Explained!

“Doxxing” is a term that has become very popular online and is connected to the #Twitter social media network. And we’ll talk about the rationale behind the social media behemoth’s suspension of several journalists’ accounts. Another huge report about Elon Musk removing a Twitter account that was tracking his private jet from the platform recently broke. Twitter has decided to suspend a few journalists, thus here is what happened.

What Does Doxxing Means?

Because they were not following the moderation Policy of the platform. This journalist belonged to the United States and several other parts of the world. They are trying to reduce toxicity and comply with the guidelines.

But this is certainly raising a lot of questions because the process is not transparent and we don’t know what criteria they are using. The first account was @ElonJet, which is owned by a 20-year-old University student Jack Sweeney who was able to track the movements of Elon Musk’s private jet using the available public data.

Why Twitter Suspended The Accounts Of Several Journalists?

The head of Twitter suspended it right away since he didn’t think it was very sweet. Additionally, he has access to Jeff Bezos’s private plane’s whereabouts. A number of journalists, including Donie O’Sullivan from CNN and Ryan Mac from The New York Times, faced the same fate as many sports commentators. They are now harshly criticizing the platform and the course it is on. Everyone was extremely interested and excited when Elon Musk seized control of Twitter to improve it.

Twitter Suspends Journalists After Musk Claims He Was Doxxed

Full freedom of speech but now he is making it look like a circus and he is the Ring Master in all this chaos. Elon Musk also accidentally revealed the license plate number of a stalker and he was revealing some private information about him. He was followed by someone crazy and blocked his car from the bi-find legal action is being taken against this family and he is clearly trying to harm the family. He does not want to give any clarification on the process and criteria he is using and he has reduced his public appearances.

Recently he was dethroned as the world’s richest person and he sold around 4 billion dollars worth of Tesla stocks. We can see that he is looking really desperate. The suspension of the private jet tracking account can be seen as a personal attack and he does not want anyone to track his real-time live location of any person and that’s why he created a separate clause in the policy to prevent him. We will be back with some more updates until then stay tuned to our website.

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