5 Key Reasons why the poor remains poor – Maxwell Jackky

While trying to find out Why it is hard to make money as poor man, i discovered this 5 Key Reasons why the poor remains poor:

There are several reasons why it can be challenging for poor people to make money

Lack of education and skills:

Poor people often have limited access to education and training, which can make it difficult for them to acquire the skills needed to secure well-paying jobs.

Limited job opportunities:

Poor neighborhoods and communities often have fewer job opportunities, which can make it hard for residents to find work.


Poor people may face discrimination when applying for jobs or seeking promotions, which can further limit their income-earning potential.

Lack of financial resources:

Poor people may not have access to the financial resources that can help them start a business or invest in income-generating activities.

High living costs:

Poor people may have to spend a large portion of their income on basic necessities like housing, food, and healthcare, which can leave them with little to save or invest.

Conclusion: Overall, the lack of access to education, job opportunities, and financial resources can make it difficult for poor people to improve their financial situation.

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