8 types of vaginas and their features

Have you used a mirror to take a look at your vagina? You may be wondering if yours is normal. The truth is there is no abnormal vagina. There are different types of vaginas due to their size, smell, colour etc. So, do not worry if you find yours somehow. That is just the way you are created and you should accept it.

But first thing first, you should understand what a vagina is. It is an internal canal where the menstrual blood or babies might come out. The external structure surrounding the vaginal opening is called the vulva. Most people mix up the two. The vulva consists of the labia majora (outer lips), the labia minora (inner lips), and the mons pubis (the area of fatty tissue covering the pubic bone).

For this article, we will talk about the types of vulva that people often mistake to be the vagina. Let us take a  look at the eight types of vaginas and their features.

8 types of vaginas and their features

1. Asymmetrical inner lips

Asymmetrical inner lipsPhoto credit: Cosmopolitan UK

Asymmetrical inner lips refer to one of the inner lips of the vagina being longer or larger than the other. Most labia majora are often symmetrical, but asymmetrical ones are pretty normal. As long as the vulval ‘lips’ are not catching on your underwear or causing problems during sex, then it is fine.

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2. Curved outer lips

Curved outer lips

This type of vagina has a curved magnet-like shape, meeting at the bottom. This exterior is often big, covering the vagina opening, only creating a window in the middle revealing the inner lips.

3. Prominent inner lips

Prominent inner lipsPhoto credit: Cosmopolitan UK

This is a relatively common type of vagina where the inner lips are larger than the outer lips. It is often more prominent when women shave or wax as the inner smaller lips are exposed. However, the downside of this type of vagina is that some women who have it experience discomfort using tampons, having sex, or wearing tight clothing. Others are not bothered at all.

4. Long, dangling inner lips

Long, dangling inner lipsPhoto credit: Grace Lee/MBG Creative

The long, dangling inner lips mean that the inner lips are longer than the outer lips and seem to dangle from the vulva. These inner lips can be an inch long or longer which often makes them appear there is extra skin or folds.

5. Long, dangling outer lips

Long, dangling outer lipsPhoto credit: Grace Lee/MBG Creative

A total opposite of the long dangling inner lips, this type of vagina has outer lips are that are longer than the inner lips. However, this structure, in particular, tends to involve thinner or looser outer lips that may extend beyond underwear.

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6. Small, closed lips

Small, closed lipsPhoto credit: Grace Lee/MBG Creative

Here, the labia majora and the labia minora blend so it becomes one but they are technically two different parts. The outer lips are closed so that they conceal the inner lips. This type of vagina is commonly seen in porn to give the impression of a tighter vagina. But it is uncommon in real life.

7. Small, open lips

Small, open lipsPhoto credit: Cosmopolitan UK

A vagina with small open lips means the labia majora are set further apart, giving the appearance of being ‘open’. This also means that the labia minora can be visible.

8. Visible inner lips

Visible inner lipsPhoto credit: Cosmopolitan UK

Often described as a ‘flower bud about to bloom’, the visible inner lips typically expose the labia minora through the entire length of the labia majora, which sweep to either side. The outer lips appear curved or pulled outward, leaving a window for the inner lips to peek through. The downside of this type of vagina is that the internal labia minora may become enlarged, which can lead to pain while having sex or make one uncomfortable when wearing underwear. If you have this problem, see a doctor.

There is another type of vagina called prominent outer lips. It means that the outer lips are larger than the inner lips. These outer lips tend to sit lower on the vulva and may extend beyond underwear. They can be full, puffy, thin or loose.

Bonus points

With these types of vaginas, the question that is probably in your mind is: “is my vagina normal?” Dr Shree, a Gynaecologist, has this to say:

“As a Gynaecologist, I see a range of different shapes and sizes of vulvas and vaginas, as well as skin type, texture, colour and smells.

“The inner and outer folds of your vulva and the clitoral hood can also vary in colour, symmetry and size, along with the amount of hair you have in your bikini area.

“There is (a) massive amount of natural variation which is usually perfectly normal – as long as you have no problems changing tampons, your underwear or having sex.

“Events such as childbirth also affect the shape and symmetry of our vulvas and vaginas, so it’s important to remember that there’s no “one size that fits all”.

Can you change the shape and size of your vagina? Dr Shree replies, “Events such as childbirth can affect the shape and size of your vulva.  In some cases, your vulva and vagina can also change with age or significant weight changes.”

“There’s very little you can do to change the shape of your vulva/vagina, but if you are experiencing problems such as dryness, chafing, excess skin catching on underwear causing pain, you may be referred for labiaplasty surgery, but it’s important to remember that you may experience long term pain, scarring or asymmetry as a result, so it’s worth thinking about carefully with your gynaecologist.”

Now you have heard from a certified gynaecologist, you can stop worrying about how “normal” your vagina is. We are all created differently but have the same functions. Do not bother if your vagina does not look as sexy as the porn stars. You are beautiful the way you are. Accept, love yourself and enjoy your vagina.

Meanwhile, learn to keep that part clean to avoid infections and other problems. Stop using fragrances that cause irritations like redness and swelling. Do not douche. Simply wash the vulva and leave the vagina alone to cleanse itself. Overall, take good care of yourself and live a healthy life.

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