I can’t stop cheating no matter how my boyfriend takes care of me – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady has urged other women to date multiple men, saying there is nothing wrong with it.

Using herself as a case study, the lady stated that she would cheat no matter what her boyfriend did for her.

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She stressed that other young women shouldn’t be with one man if they’re not married.

According to the lady, she is used to cheating and cannot imagine herself stopping, and she doesn’t see anything wrong with that as long she isn’t married yet.

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Here’s how Netizens reacted to what the young lady said:

@sensitiveocho: “If you marry this one sorry na your name.”

@steve_household_equipment: “ See who them do child dedication for.”

@steveaquarium: “Ok noted…… If you no see husband now… You go begin disturb mfm Shiloh redeem camp and all the ori oke for miracle”

@Richmondhotcooler: “Keep sharing your body for free to different men all in the name of cheating. You have no respect for your body”

@sunofgodz: “Women have started confessing, if u’re cheating in relationships, how can u be faithful in marriage that is a lifetime”

@miss_social20: “She won’t learn the hardest way ..people like her marry on time and end up with good men ..that’s the sad part …”

@collins_reigns_: “She has said it all. She came out with her full chest. Trust me your girlfriend is cheating too but she’s coding it. This is the generation of girls we have 😂😂😂.”

@sammirdiary: “There’s Shiloh where you lots go fool yourselves every year when you no see husband , discipline is difficult and one need to practice it with time, marriage no Dey change person….man or woman.”


@father_murph: “Dear Kings, y’all should leave a street girl on the street fr. U can’t save her🙅🏽‍♂️.If u attempt to, she’d drain u financially, emotionally & mentally coz she’s only with u for survival. More so,she doesn’t care or give a hoot about ur sacrifices, she’s only loyal to her emotions & stomach infrastructure. Don’t be a s!mp for fake love🤧.Just Pipe & swipe😎✌🏽”

@gust.havo: “ Lol. Its logical. It’s an habit, when you get married you won’t stop 😂”

@nonsodeig: “The easiest way to know hookup girls.”

@dje_rresistible: “YES. Boys can break hearts, some boys can be stupid and misbehave. But please it’s not enough reason to devalue yourself like that.”

@kapturephotogenic: “This is basically the general notion. The fact that nobody say it….doesn’t mean…it’s not happening. It’s always transactional…they always bidding”

@mr_embarrassment: “The as far we are not married dey burst my head. You feel say something go transform you as you marry. What you do before marriage, you go do am after marriage”

@ede_______p: “Yes oooo because boy Dey behave like Nepa light 💡 so when you misbehave I move to the next person.”

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