The Best Champagne Coupe Glasses 2022

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If you ask us, you don’t need a reason to enjoy champagne—ever, but if you’re going to sip the iconic sparkling wine, you may as well do so in style. There are a few different types of champagne glasses to choose from, but our personal favorite here at Scouted is undoubtedly champagne coupe glasses.

Coupe glasses exude a certain vintage appeal, which makes toasting to any celebration with a glass a bubbly feel all the more special. Frankly, they just scream old-world elegance, and they make the act of drinking the sparkling wine a bona fide experience, whether you’re celebrating something or not.

Coupe glasses differ from other champagne glassware (like flutes, for instance) because of their signature extra-wide bowl, which allows your champagne to breathe fully and taste even better. Scroll through below to check out our favorite champagne coupe glasses worth toasting to.

Made-In Champagne Coupe Glasses

These classic champagne coupe glasses are as luxe as they come. You can choose between a four-pack set ($59) or a stunning tower ($569).

Libbey Cocktail Champagne Coupe Glasses

This beautiful set includes four champagne coupe glasses each designed with light-catching, paneled glass for an extra striking appeal.

Anthropologie Lustered Coupe Glasses

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