Lululemon Run Times Bra Review 2022

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For years, running was something I avoided if I could help it. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy exercising or challenging myself physically; in fact, I loved being athletic and doing things like reformer Pilates, water aerobics, and spinning. The real truth was that I could never find a workout bra that didn’t make running an uncomfortable and oftentimes, painful endeavor—until I found the Lululemon Run Times Bra.

As someone who has a larger chest and needs a bra size they don’t carry in most brick-and-mortar stores, I found it nearly impossible to find a workout bra that wasn’t too loose, too tight, too thin, or too compressing to give me that supportive and comfortable lift I needed while I was pounding the pavement. For myself and any bystanders who happen to be watching me wearing the wrong running bra, there was just way too much jiggling and bouncing going on for me to feel comfortable enough to make it my go-to exercise activity.

And even when I thought I might have an option or two after rigorously searching online for the best workout bras, I’d often discover the ones I decided to try giving me an unflattering uni-boob or just fell plain flat after using them one or two times.

It wasn’t until I found Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer years ago that I realized there actually was such a thing as a supportive, comfortable, breathable workout bra that you could wear for a run and not feel like you needed to recover the next day. Though Lululmeon doesn’t make the Ta Ta Tamer anymore, finding that amazing bra inspired me to buy all my workout bras from Lululemon moving forward.

This high-impact bra offers supreme support without suffocating me.

In the years since becoming a mother and reaching my thirties, my chest has changed quite a bit, and so have my bras. These days, I definitely need even more support and lift than I ever did years ago. That’s why I was keen to try Lululemon’s Run Times Bra—which is perfect for women with larger chests—this year when I picked up running again.

What I appreciate most about the Run Times Bra is that it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a workout bra at all. I couldn’t believe when I first put on this bra how fitted—shapely, and easy to wear it is—whether for a run or simply to just run some errands around town. Though it’s designed for high-impact workouts, it’s easy to wear for any activity of your choosing.

The sweat-wicking fabric is not only amazing in making workouts less icky, but the fabric is also incredibly comfortable. I especially appreciate how well-fitted it is around my rib cage, not too tight or too loose. Moreover, the bra does a great job of separating everything so nicely in each cup, so there are no worries of suffering from an unfortunate uni-boob while wearing this bra.

I used to reserve my workout bras for exercise only, but with the Run Times Bra’s comfort and great support, I find it hard not to wear all day, every day, whether for work, going out, or working out. It fits me the way every bra should – with enough lift and support to get you and your chest through the whole day.

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