See this children: Young girl confesses her love for an SS1 student, sends him handwritten love letter

A love letter sent to a secondary school student identified as Precious has caused a stirred after it was shared online.

The letter which was shared by the recipient’s elder sister on TikTok was sent by his six month old lover named Somto.

As soon as she cited the letter, Precious was told summoned for questioning.

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He was made to go down on his knees while the quizzing happened as his elder sister declared that she never had a boyfriend when she was his age.

Meanwhile, she expresed shock at the content of the letter in which Somto wholeheartedly professed her love to Precious.

She first apologized for not kissing him when they met at her place considering they could draw attention.

Somto then goes on to plead with him to get a phone to ease communication while probing if he’s always home alone as she intends to stop by after school.

Social media users have flooded the comment section with mixed reactions to the letter by the young lady.

@꧁༆AYOMIKUN 🥀❤️༆꧂ narrated:
“Yours is even better…my own little brother brought his girlfriend to the house and told me to leave the room and Goan sit in the parlor”

@smiliana joked:
“😂😂the guy relationship last past some people own ooh😂😂6 months”

@Uncle_Simple_ wrote:
“😂😂My mummy found love letter in my younger brothers pocket saying he love blessing like how men love rice😂 my mummy was like nor b sml love😂😂”

@kaykay said:
“Awww this is beautiful, just encourage him and teach him right so he doesn’t hide things from you 🥰

@Hajiaminat02 commented:
“My kid bro introduced a gal to my mum when she went to visit him in school. that they are dating”


My younger brother is something else😩😂😂😂

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Lovebirds dating since university flaunt photos

Young Nigerian lovers dating since university days have warmed hearts after their recent photos surfaced online.

The lovebirds appear to have a strong bond as they recently completed their compulsory one-year National Youth Service together in Ogun state.

Images of the duo were shared by the lady identified as Idara on Twitter.

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In her post, she jumped on the “How it started/How it’s going” trend to share photos of herself and her man Faruq together.

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