Zia’s grand 7th birthday celebration!

Zia turns 7!

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s eldest child Zia Dantes turned 7 Years Old. Daddy Dong Dantes qnd Momma Marian Rivera prepared not just 1 but 2 celebration for Zia’s 7th birthday.

The first celebration was held last November 23rd, it was a surprised Birthday Party at their new home. Zia’s reaction on the surprise was priceless, she’s so blooming wearing her floral dress.

Today Zia held her 2nd birthday party with her childhood friends and classmates. Mommy Marian shared some clips of Zia’s 2nd birthday party.

The Care Bears birthday cake was made by sweet creations.

The venue also has pink carpet, Zia’s favorite color!

What an awesome birthday party!

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