Young Nigerian man confesses to sleeping with 200 women since he married his wife

A Nigerian man has openly confessed to cheating on his wife with 200 women since he got married in 2015.

The man made the confession while responding to a Twitter post on secrets spouses hide from their partners.

In his response to the post made by relationship adviser, John Doe, the man said he started cheating on his wife a month after their wedding.

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The man who claims to have met his wife during his NYSC days said they got married in December 2015 and by January 2016, he was already sleeping around.

According to him, his actions made it difficult for him to look his wife in the eye and tell her he loves her.

Alhough he claimed to be a changed man now, he revealed that he’ll be celebrating a year of faithfulness to his wife by February 16, 2023.

Young Nigerian man confesses to sleeping with 200 women since he married his wifeTHE MAN’S CONFESSION

John Doe advises against leaving cheating husbands

Earlier, Skabash reported that John Doe advised married women not to leave their marriage in haste if their husbands cheat on them.

He said his advice is primarily aimed at African women, pointing out that women who don’t want to be married again can ignore his advice.

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John Doe stressed that a previously married man can still find a virgin to marry, whereas it’s not the same for a married woman who’s decided to quit her marriage.

Part of the long tweet reads,

“For married women and especially in Africa, never be too quick to leave your marriage because your husband cheated on you. Except you’re done with marriage for good & don’t wish to be married again.

I say this because you don’t even have a better option like the men you plan to leave. That man you leave can even find a virgin lady to remarry, you can’t.”

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