Lapillus’ Chanty revealed her idol is Marian Rivera!

Welcome to Kapuso Network Chanty

Chanty, a Filipina-Argentinian member of the korean pop group “Lapillus,” is now a certified k-puso (Kapuso). Chanty is looking forward to work with a particular Kapuso actress that she genuinely admired and idolized.

The kpop female group “Lallipus” made their debut last June of this year. A Filipino blood runs through one of its members. She is Chantal Videla, also known as Chanty, a Filipina-Argentinean. And now she has a big announcement for her filipino fans.

“I am now a Kapuso artist.. Yey!” Chanty said. You’ve heard it right, Chanty is now a certified kapuso artist. She already signed the management contract.

During the contract signing GMA senior vice president Atty. Annette Gozon Valdes was present together with sparkle assistant vice president for talent development and management Joy Marcelo. And from Chanty’s korean management, Lee Hyeong Jun, the CEO and producer of MLG entertainment also signed the contract.

“I can’t believe that now I’m really a Kapuso Artist. I feel so welcomed, everything just feels so warm and chill and everyone is just so nice, it’s just feels like Im home. And I really really love it, it makes me more excited to start working.” She said.

‘We’re always happy to support such a beautiful and talented artist, who not only shines in the Philippines but also in the international sphere, so welcome to GMA Network Chanty” Atty. Annette Gozon Valdes said.

Chanty’s korean management also saw something on her, they saw a potential on Chanty, the newest sparkle star.

“When I saw her at the first glance, I could tell she has lots of talents and she has ‘star vibe’ and now we are working hard so Chanty can appear on the korean drama also.”

Chanty express how excited she is for her upcoming projects here in the Philippines while being also active as a member of “Lapillus”. She is also hoping to work with her Idol Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera.

“Since I was a child, I’ve been watching some of the kapuso shows. And I’m also a big fan of Miss Marian Rivera, I’ve been watching her when I came here in the Philippines and now that I can finally call myself as a kapuso artist, Im really hoping that in the future I get to work with Ms. Marian.”


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