Check out the exterior of Casa Dantes family home!

2 decades of hard work..

Check out the exterior of Casa Dantes family home, Daddy Dong Dantes shared the exterior of their newly constructed home.

In Dong’s post we can see that their home has 3 floors, a large swimming pool and a glass gazebo. Their backyard is simply gorgeous and cozy.

We can also spot Marian with their dog Migo while Dong is swimming in the pool looking over their new home.

Dong posted, “The things we cherish most often do not come easy. A house is no different. We work hard to build it—founded on all the learnings and sacrifices for us to achieve it.

Soon to be “painted” with the memories we will be creating, and love that we will sharing within, possibly for generations to come.

What is worth keeping deserves only the things we trust. Subukan ang subok na.”

Dong also revealed that they work hard for 2 decades to be able to build their dream home. In another photo shared by Marian, Dont was outside with their dog Migo.

Congratulations Dantes family!

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