The Deutsche Welle (DW) International Journalism Traineeship

Apply for the Deutsche Welle (DW) International Journalism Traineeship Program 2024. The DW traineeship program is looking for young people from all over the world interested in a comprehensive, exceptional quality journalism program with an international broadcaster. Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster. The broadcaster produces multimedia in-depth content up to 30 languages worldwide.

DW is complemented by DW Akademie which promotes the human right to freedom of expression and access to information in approximately 50 developing and transition countries. As a German public broadcaster, DW is proud of its varied and quality journalism content and which provides space for a wide-range of voices and contributes to media diversity.

The traineeship program is a 18-month, bilingual journalism traineeship planned to get underway in January 2023 at the organization broadcasting centers in Bonn and Berlin. Trainees will acquire skills needed to become a successful multimedia reporter and editor, learning from the best supervisors at one of the most prestigious journalism training programs in Germany and beyond

You will gain hands-on experience one various multimedia categories including TV, online and radio with a combination of practical training blocks and newsroom placements and a deserving salary. This traineeship program is dedicated to creative minds who reflect language and cultural diversity and who have something to add to the status quo.

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