Teacher Mom Marian teaches Sixto at home

Super Mam!

Sixto Dantes made her mom Marian proud on his reading the letters skills.

Today, Marian shows in her Tiktok account how intelligent her son Sixto is. She’s very proud of her son Sixto.

In the uploaded video, you can see that she is teaching alphabet letters to Sixto. She is asking Sixto to encircle every letter she’s saying to test Sixto if he knows well the letters.

And she asked Sixto to encircle every letter ‘k’  and Sixto accomplished it with flying colors, he encircled all the letter ‘k’ in just a minute. And for Sixto, he really seems enjoy it, he really likes to study.

That’s why a lot of netizens are amazed by this young boy’s intelligence. And of course they also praises Marian Rivera because she is indeed a hands on mom. She’s the one who is teaching and helping her children on studying.

Good Job Sixto!

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