Sample of Nursery and Primary School Result Report Card/Sheet – Download Pdf

Almost all teachers concur that Nursery and Primary School Result Report Card card comments are crucial for giving children and families information and suggestions for the future.

However, very few people truly enjoy composing them. Because it’s not precisely simple to work under pressure to produce upwards of 20 distinct and in-depth reports at the end of the year or term, every instructor is aware of this (or particularly fun).

This is particularly true in the age of distance education. Writing insightful report card remarks for each of your pupils can be quite difficult, even though you are the only one at your school who knows them better than anyone else.

In order to assist you come up with ideas, become inspired, and gain new perspectives as you write your own report cards, we came up with this sample of school outcome report card remarks.

You’ll see that the remarks on the report card that follow can serve as a starting point for ones that are more in-depth. But don’t worry, you can use them to transform some of these one-liners into smart and useful next moves.

A number sense comment from the first grade, such as “Your child is able to add and subtract numbers up to 20 using various manipulative,” can be changed into:

Below is Download Link to get Sample of the Nursery and Primary School Result Report Card

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