Power of love – Woman settles N15.9m debt for lover she met one month ago, rejects bride price paid to her family

A beautiful Chinese lady has hit social media headlines after she revealed that she settled 180,000 Yuan (N15.9 million) debt of her lover she met a month ago.

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The Chinese lady, identified simply as Zhou, also revealed that she didn’t accept his traditional bride price.

According to Asia One reports, Zhou met her lover on a blind date, and they continued to see each other for about a month before they both decided to have their wedding on the 31st of December.

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She mentioned that she refused a wedding gift and an engagement ring from her fiancé, whose name is Hu, and instead, she opted to help him financially by paying off his debt with the money she had saved so far.

She noted, “We returned the bride price of 300,000 Yuan (N19.6 million) and a red pocket that contains another 10, 000 yuan (N651k) to his family. Money is not the basis of love, and it’s not a decisive factor.”

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It was also disclosed that Hu found himself in such huge debt after sinking the funds into an investment that didn’t go as planned.

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The Chinese lady’s action caused mixed reactions online, with many social media users blaming her for being too naive and stupidly in love.

However, Zhou defended her action, claiming that she helped the man because she believes he’s down to earth and hardworking.

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