Netizens react as bridesmaid breaks into tears while friend walks down the aisle [VIDEO]

A video that went viral captured a pretty bridesmaid breaking into tears as her friend walked down the aisle.

In the beautiful video, the bridesmaid was spotted trying to hold back her tears as she watched her friend, the bride, walked down the aisle with her dad.


It is rare for bridesmaids to cry at a friend’s wedding, as they are mostly seen smiling.

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However, it appears that only the crying bridesmaid can explain the reasons for her tears at her friend’s wedding, as the scene sparked different reactions from Netizens.

Some suggested that the young lady was just happy and emotional as her friend had finally left the single’s club.

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Whereas some stated that she was just putting up a stunt because she was envious of her friend.

Netizens react

@jenniferunachukwu said, “Still probably knows all her friend has been through & is Genuinely happy for her.”

@fabriccorridor_chy said, “Either she is her bestie, her partner, or that she suppose marry Kwa but hers didn’t work. Emotional moment….”

@mezanleo said, “Ahhh last year September wedding I attended was crying competition from couple to parents to siblings to bridesmaid….🤣”.

@a_billion_ways said, “Anita shay you tell me say men are scum? Now you run leave me for streets in Sabinus crying face 😂. Just Dey play.”

@blackkraphael said, “Na pesin wey chop bellyful Dey cry 😂😂”.

@jombo_of_asia said, “On a low she still fit the fuck de groom….Aunty leave all those ones”.

@el_xudo said, “Still fear women.”

@ezeofthegoodlife_001 said, “She’s crying cos she knows she’s about to loose a friend 🤔”.

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