‘My Pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci’ — Elon Musk to Release the Twitter Files on COVID and Dr Fauci






Elon Musk, whose exposure of Twitter’s internal communications has lifted the curtain on censorship of conservatives, took aim at a new target with an early-morning tweet Sunday: Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci,” Musk tweeted, an hour after another tweet warning that things were about to “get spicy.”

So far, the Twitter revelations, delivered in four tweet threads by journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss, and author Michael Shellenberger, have mostly focused on Twitter’s decision to stifle the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop story just days before the 2020 presidential election and its move to ban former President Donald Trump from the platform.

Musk’s latest tweets could suggest damning information might soon be revealed about Fauci, the government virologist who set COVID policies, including school lockdowns, economic shutdowns, and mask and vaccine mandates, under two administrations.

Fauci’s defenders have elevated him to god-like status over the last three years, with yard signs saying “In Fauci We Trust” and votive candles bearing his image. But a growing chorus of critics blame the octogenarian head of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and current chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden for blocking investigation into the possibility that COVID leaked from a Chinese lab, where his office had funded dangerous bat virus research as well as his heavy-handed advice to close schools and businesses during the pandemic.

Fauci is scheduled to retire sometime this month, although Republicans in the House and Senate have vowed to investigate his potential role in the pandemic, which has so far killed more than six million people around the world.

Prior to Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter in October, the platform routinely muzzled anyone who questioned the Fauci-led federal line on COVID. Conservative critics who raised the lab-leak theory decried the effect on children of closing schools and questioned the intentional shutdown of large swaths of the economy were silenced on the platform.

In Weiss’s Twitter Files revelation last week, it was shown that Twitter content police secretly blacklisted respected Stanford University professor Dr. Jay Battacharya, who was an early critic of Fauci. After seeing proof that he had been silenced, the horrified medical academic told Fox News such decisions had a devastating effect on society.

“We needed to have a discussion, an open scientific discussion about the right policies for COVID,” Bhattacharya told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham. “Imagine how different all the small businesses who stayed open, all the people that wouldn’t have missed their cancer screenings, all the kids that wouldn’t be depressed and suicidal, all the learning loss that could have been avoided if we just had an open scientific discussion.”

“This was not a free and fair kind of discussion,” he added. “It was censorship that I think led to the tremendously bad policies we’ve had over COVID and the failures that we’ve seen over the last three years.”

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