My Big Backs1d3 Causes Me Knee Pains –Ghanian Actress Portia Boateng Asare Laments It To Other Wom3ns

Kumawood actress Portia Asare Boateng has mock3d wom3n who envy other wom3n who are endowed with big buttocks.

She was speaking in an interview when the subject of wom3n going under the knife was raised.

Many of her fellow actresses have undergone surgeries to enhance parts of their bod13s, and she wasn’t too pleased.

According to her, there’s nothing about big buttocks that is worthy of envy to the extent that wom3n put themselves through hell for it.

She further said that, as wom3n, it is normal to admire women with big buttocks, but envying such irrelevant bodily features is crossing a line.

The actress, who has c8rvy features, revealed that her big buttocks cause her knee pain.

Consequently, she encouraged wom3n to focus on the stress such features bring to them and use them to stop themselves from damaging themselves.

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