Lady disappointed after her family didn’t celebrate as she becomes first to graduate from college 

A young African American lady has taken to social media to express her disappointment at her family for not celebrating with her on her graduation.

The lady revealed that she recently became the first graduate of her family, and nobody celebrated her effort or cared enough to acknowledge she had just bagged a degree.

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“Not a single soul in my family knew, cared or acknowledged that I graduated…I’m the first gen college graduate,” she tweeted.

Despite her family not appreciating and acknowledging her accomplishment, she emitted positive vibes and also expressed determination to break every generational curse in her family.

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not a single soul in my family knew, cared or acknowledged that I graduated.. i’m a first gen college graduate 🧎🏽‍♀️

— lil capri sun (@nauticakjm) December 19, 2022

Netizens react

@Miel_Rama: “Girl my family did not celebrate my graduation or gave me gifts smh and I’m a first gen as well.”

@lontcby said: “I learned that when school was never important to them they don’t realize it’s a huge accomplishment. Congratulations though girly 🥳🤍 I hope u get everything you want outta that degree!!”

@c_bizlleee: “Hey love, CONGRATULATIONS! I am super proud of you, even though I don’t know you. I wish you everlasting success and stability sis. What’s your CashApp/Zelle?🥳”.

@Deasyiaa: “Congratulations sistaaa!! You did it boo!! Ik it’s hard but you did it sis and I’m proud of you! 🎊”.

@Clark4house said: “I am so sorry to read this. This is a HUGE accomplishment. As the 5th of 6 kids and the first to go to college in the early 90’s, I can relate to this accomplishment and I applaud you for your success! Bravo and Congrats.”


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