Destiny Etiko shows ladies how to style Isiagwu fabric in a creative and unique way

Isiagwu fabric is a popular fabric amongst the igbos that has been widely accepted and can be styled in different ways.

If you are considering styling your Isiagwu fabric this season, then you may want to check out this creatively styled Isiagwu dress recently rocked by popular Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko.

Destiny Etiko is also a fashionista asides being a talented Nollywood actress. She has over time proven her style with different fashionable outfits as seen in this casually styled jacket dress sewn with Isiagwu fabric.

The style and fitting of the dress perfectly suited her body figure as she rocked it in total confidence. This is a creative and unique style that can be used to attend any event especially when accessorized rightly. For you to get this style, you will need to get a good and quality Isiagwu fabric, and any other to match with it as seen on Destiny. Then a good tailor to perfectly sew the dress to suit your body figure as well.

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