Codedruns: Why is it popular among young people?

Our multipolar and multicomplex world is characterised by several lingos used by various people. One such lingo generally known and used across the world is Codedruns. Codedruns has a distinctive meaning, particularly among the Nigerian people.

But is Codedruns the same as “Codedruns” or is there more to it than what meets the eye?

What is Codedruns?

What is Codedruns?

Codedruns is a website that provides companionship for men and women who are willing to offer and can afford quality time with the opposite sex. It is highly patronised because of its ease. It is just like ordering a ride on Taxify or Uber.

The directory’s website, www.codedruns.com, is well-designed and gives off the impression that its creators are serious about their work. 

The forum originally served as a space for members to discuss their sexual dreams. During the site’s early years, it was customary for new members to openly discuss their first sexual experience on the forum. Members recommended that the administrator develop a forum for folks wishing to have safe hookups after a new member related her story, which involved a horrifying episode of sexual abuse.

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The forum has developed into a huge hotspot that caters to all kinds of sexual wants. Its usage is massive to the extent that the platform supposedly uses more server space (about (4 terabytes) than some commercial banks in Nigeria. A total of 25 countries are now included in the reach, and there are now 30,000 escorts and 50,000 registered clients all around Africa. Unregistered clients, who can book sessions with escorts without registering, are not included in this data. 

Everything on the website is currently discounted. For the purchase of aphrodisiacs of all types, raunchy underwear, and sex toys, there is a specific category on the internet. Owners of hotels and short-term rentals advertise their properties under a different heading. Naughty Videos, a website owned by producers of adult content, is also on the website. Live cam is a brand-new feature that is coming soon to the site.

The number of forums offering sex has increased dramatically since the invention of the internet. With only a few keystrokes, you may find numerous profiles on social media or select paywall websites with thousands of followers that allow access to sugar mummies, sugar babies, and all other types of persons with the prefix -sugar.

However, CodedRuns or simply CR for short, has managed to dominate the market over the years by being nimble, authenticating accounts, asking clients for testimonials, forbidding pimping, soliciting, or transferring of accounts, grading performances, and being reliable.

Who uses Codedruns?

Codedruns is a service that can be used by anyone. The user must, however, be of adult age (18 years and above). 

It is very useful for people who do not see themselves fully committing to one partner or who want to try out some of their fantasies.

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Is Codedruns safe?

Is Codedruns safe?

The owners of the Codedruns website continually give assurances that its clients are always protected at all times. The website has blacklisted clients who have been identified as dangerous or Osho-free clients (those who do not pay for sex after service), as well as blacklisted escorts who have been identified as dishonest escorts.

The reviews about Codedruns have been positive so far. One user stated that Codedruns “is the best escort site in Nigeria and Africa in general”, adding that is a well-organised site.  The person also mentioned that the site is full of high-class escorts comprising heterosexual men and women, as well as transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals, with different sizes and shapes to give you the maximum satisfaction desired.

Another review stated that Codedruns.com is an amazing platform that they believed has helped the person a lot fulfill all of his/her sexual fantasies. The reviewer described the escorts as highly professional and well-behaved, noting that the management of the website has a strict verification process that helps keep the identity of the client and the escort safe.

How to use Codedruns 

The Codedruns website is easy to access and use. To use the site, all you have to do is register as a female escort or male escort.  Then you add some raunchy photographs of yourself to the website then wait for people to view your page and call for your services.

But if you are just looking for a hookup, then all you need to do is search through the list of escorts available and choose the one whose services appeal to you. Then you can arrange how to meet or can continue chatting online with your preferred escort.

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