10 Nigerian traditional wear designs for men: trends in 2023 (photos)

10 Nigerian traditional wear designs for men: trends in 2023 to leave a lasting impression on your guests, dress in the newest Nigerian men’s fashion trends

Ankara jackets

Ankara jackets go well with casual trousers, from jeans and cargo pants to tracksuit bottoms/sweat pants. Sneakers are the best shoes to pair with this outfit. The jacket is warm enough because it is made up of heavy fabrics. The Ankara is only used as a styling and decoration material.

10 Nigerian traditional wear designs for men: trends in 2023

Orange Dashiki

The simple patterns add beauty this orange attire and draw people’s attention In addition, shiny materials used to make the Dashiki are easier to clean. Therefore, consider mixing orange with blue, black, yellow, or brown.

10 Nigerian traditional wear designs for men

Persian blue Dashikis

Ain’t Persian blue Dashikis the best of all the latest fashion styles for men in 2023? The attire’s color blends well with African skin tones and brings out the person’s best body and facial features. Moreover, blue is a color of nature; hence it matches all colors dominating any environment you visit

Ankara t-shirt & trouser combo vs. Ankara-designed Dashiki suit

There is nothing better than a nice pair of Ankara-made pants and a t-shirt, or a Dashiki outfit. Choose one of these outfits to brighten your casual day, and finish it off with a pair of sandals, loafers, or sneakers. You can choose any appearance, and it will look great on you. Never pair crocs with Ankara clothing since they will destroy the mood and appearance.

Lavender and pink Agbada

A casual Agbada, also known as a Sulia or Sapara, is frequently constructed from simple, vividly colored, light cotton materials. Make sure the material you choose for your Fila doesn’t contrast with the color of the cloth on your Agbada.

Pink and lavender are close to peach in color. Pink has recently risen to the top of the list of trendy men’s fashion in Nigeria. However, contrary to popular belief, it was not at first a feminine color.

In the 18th century, men were the first to wear pink silk suits with flower embroidery. However, very few men nowadays are aware that this is a cool and macho color for men. Your manliness won’t be diminished by donning a pink Dashiki.

Denim Ankara shirt

You can randomly cut out parts of your denim shirt and fit Ankara patches on it. Use different pieces of Ankara fabrics for a more creative and unique street fashion. Pair your new Ankara denim shirt with training pants or jeans.

Ankara men’s shorts

Men and women love shorts when summer rolls. Aim to be physically good-looking by reserving your Ankara shorts for this season. Children can also wear these unisex attires. Additionally, There is nothing wrong with men wearing very short shorts.

A V-neckline Ankara shirt

If you don’t want to go all Ankara or all black, here is a unique design. Pair the shirt with a cool pair of black or blue jeans, trousers, or shorts. However, whatever you choose should not grab more attention than your fashionable Ankara shirt.

Dashiki-style Ankara shirts

The males are dressed in Ankara shirts with tuxedo collar designs in the dashiki fashion. Long or short sleeves can be tailored out of Ankara or other solid-colored textiles. The long sleeves can be pulled up to your elbows to create a distinctive look. Additionally, wear the blouse with coordinating plain-colored pants, and round off your look with a watch and beaded bangles.

The unisex Ankara coverups

An Ankara cardigan screams “unique” but only suits those who are bold enough to break social norms. If you can find these fabrics, you better ask your tailor to sew this trendy outfit. Some might argue that such coverups only suit women and can now see that men also look good in them.

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