You steal, you dance: Residents force robber to dance as punishment for stealing

To punish a robber caught stealing, residents of a community made him dance to save himself.

The robber quickly took to the centre of a street in the community to carry out his ‘dance of shame’ in order to avoid the wrath of the resident.

He was spotted in a video bouncing and stepping to the sound of the music playing in the background.

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A member of the community could be heard in the background of the video commentating on the robber’s dance steps.

Netizens have commented on the mode of punishment used by the community with some saying its a trend in Ghana to beat and punish anyone caught stealing with music to dance.

@folasanwo commented:
“This one will steal again, that dance too much 😂😂”

@__coral__x noted:
“They don first beat am na😂😂😂”

“From fun to tears 😂😂😂😂😂😂”

@a_mpomaa enlightened:
“He was beaten and made to dance. It’s a thing in Ghana. You’re beaten when caught and asked to sing or dance without crying else you’ll be beaten worse than before. Or you have to tell a joke for your “beater” to laugh. If your joke is not funny enough you’re further beaten.”

@rickboateng revealed:
“It’s Ghana 🇬🇭, not Nigeria, aside the pidgin he was speaking Ga.”

Gunmen use POS to rob man outside a bank

Skabash recently reported that things may be getting harder and gunmen getting smarter! It seems everyone now means business even the armed robbers.

A Nigerian man identified as Josh cried out after he was waylaid by gunmen with a POS after leaving the bank.

He went on his Twitter account to lament and raise alarm after he had been swiped of all the money in his account and the cash left on him in Warri, Delta state.

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Using his Twitter handle @josh_uglyaf, he said, “Just got robbed at gunpoint minutes ago after leaving the bank, they literally emptied me. They had a POS with them that they used after collecting the cash I had on me. Y’all be safe out there.”

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