Why you should not try the big butt spice

From time immemorial, women have been faced with the challenges of having to attain societal standards of beauty. In Africa, particularly Nigeria, where culture and tradition, as well as some religious faiths, permit men to have more than one wife, women have been forced to, sometimes, go to extreme lengths to catch and maintain their lovers’ or husbands’ interests. One of these numerous ways is what is called the big butt spice.

What is the big butt spice? Does it mean spicy buttocks? Close but not quite there. Don’t worry, this article will make everything clear. But first, we should understand that many measures that women take to be accepted as beautiful or attractive are downright ridiculous. Okay, let us talk about the buzz behind the big butt spice.

What is big butt spice?

These Congolese women are injecting chicken stock into their butts in hopes of making them look bigger. pic.twitter.com/QgYrXpfc6G

— VICE (@VICE) July 20, 2018


The big butt spice is a trend among African women to inject seasoning cubes into their buttocks to make them bigger. The first report of this trend was recorded in 2009 when a Sahara Reporters correspondent wrote on their website:

”A very toxic thinking and dangerous practice hangs like a storm over the African continent. Reports, emanating from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), say that some boneheaded Congolese women, stick MAGGI CUBES, maggi the culinary companion into their anal canals with the sole purpose of acquiring rounded, bubbly buttocks. Because Congolese men prefer women with such physical ‘attributes’. What wilful ignorance!

“Seriously, I do not know what they are drinking out there in the Congo, but they can keep it to themselves and I pray that women from other African countries would demonstrate a good sense from being contaminated, not to follow suit. This is not an indictment. This is a CONCERN because ignorance and illiteracy thrive on the Continent like daffodils in spring.”

However, it is believed that the practice started becoming a trend in Nigeria in 2018. However, the butt enhancement regimen began circulating in the media in 2021. According to research done by medical doctor and influencer, Dr Penking, the concoction is usually a mixture of seasoning cubes and chicken broth which is poured into a syringe to be injected into a woman’s buttocks.

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The chicken broth or sometimes ordinary water is boiled and poured into a small cup containing crushed seasoning cubes which are mixed thoroughly and then put into a syringe. Then, the woman gets on all fours with the butt slightly elevated to allow the concoction to be freely injected and stay in the anus. The process is repeated twice with full syringes for each session.

Reasons for big butt spice

Reasons for big butt spice

To attain societal beauty standards

In Africa, a woman is considered attractive if she has an hourglass figure featuring large breasts and buttocks. This is why many African women are fixated on big butts and are willing to go to extreme lengths to have them. If you have a flat behind, you are not considered beautiful at all but just dry. So, women who are not naturally endowed will want to belong to the desired group.

To attract men

Guess the gender that encourages beauty standards for women? Men. A typical African man likes a woman with a big behind. Having a big butt makes the woman look more feminine, a view which can drive a lot of men crazy. This killer female feature can almost get a lady any guy she wants. All she needs to do is to flaunt the derriere and watch the male gender buzzing around her like bees in a hive. Of course, no woman wants to be ignored and so the desperate ones who cannot afford expensive cosmetic surgeries go for the seasoning cubes.

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To look in great shape

Attaining an hourglass figure often signifies that a woman is in great shape. A nice, perky, big, round butt means that the woman is taking care of her body. Even fellow women cannot resist admiring a woman with a nice big butt because it looks great and sexy.

To look good in clothes

Imagine putting on a pair of jeans that snuggly covers a perky, big behind. It is always an eye-catcher for anyone, both male and female. Women with hourglass figures can fit into any cloth. They do not have to worry about body shape or size. Whatever they put on will automatically make them fashion divas.

To feel good about themselves

A lot of women, especially celebrities, have claimed that they undergo butt enhancement procedures just to feel good about themselves. It is not all about attracting men, It is about boosting their confidence or self-esteem. By having a large butt that everyone admires, the self-doubt usually reduces and a woman can walk into any arena with her head held high.

It is cheaper

A typical butt enhancement procedure usually runs into millions of naira, with fees covering both surgery and maintenance. However, from the description of the seasoning concoction, you will understand that big-butt spice is way cheaper. All you need is a packet of seasoning cubes, chicken broth or just water, heat and a syringe and you will get the butt that you desire… well, according to believers.

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Dangers of big butt spice

Dangers of big butt spice

A medical doctor, Silas Joy has explained through his Twitter handle, @OfficialSilasMD, the dangers associated with the big butt spice. Women who inject this concoction often hope that the sodium and oil in the cubes will make their butts larger. However, the doctor revealed that seasoning cubes contain salt which could be absorbed by the lining of the anus and go into the bloodstream. Excessive usage of salt often leads to hypertension, a common ailment among Africans.

Hypertension, also known as high or raised blood pressure, is a condition in which the blood vessels have persistently raised pressure. If left untreated, it can lead to more complicated health issues like stroke and heart disease, which can lead to death.

Apart from hypertension, there is also the risk of serious blood infections from injuries caused by the syringes used for the big butt spice. These infections can be  HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C and they can lead to severe consequences.

Finally, there is no proof that the big butt spice works. Genetics play a huge role in determining if a woman can have a big butt. If you must have a big butt and your genes are not favourable, then go for safer measures like working out or undergoing cosmetic butt lifts in the hands of certified professionals.

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