VIDEO: Why I prefer to marry a ‘yahoo’ boy, young lady gives reasons

A young lady has narrated why she prefers to marry an internet fraudster, who is into Yahoo Plus, rather than being with a man who has a regular 9-5 job.

Speaking during a vox pop interview, the lady explained that Yahoo Plus boys often cash out with the help of voodoo, colloquially referred to as jazz, which is a guaranteed way of making sure there is an endless supply of money.

According to her: “Yahoo boys are better than working-class men because they’re capable of renewing their wealth whenever it looks like money is getting exhausted.”

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The lady stated that if a working-class man goes broke, he does not have an immediate means of escaping his financial problems.

She further explained that fraudsters have family members who they can rely on to replenish their wealth, while men with normal jobs do not have relatives to support them, which is the reason, she claimed, why they struggle to work day and night.

She stated that she likes how fraudsters take care of their girlfriends: take them out in their cars and act like cute couples, with the babe in the front seat.

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When asked if she will be able to stay with a fraudster who is unable to make money for three years, she rebuked the idea of such happening to her boyfriend.

She, however, mentioned that one of the benefits of being with him is that if the money gets exhausted he can always use diabolical means to renew it.

Watch her speak below:

Here’s how social media users reacted to the lady’s comments:

@dammy_ayoola: “With the problem way we dey face for this country now na front sit be your problem anuty ???🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹”

@ayinke_owo202: “ I feel like crying for you 😢”

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@mond4695: “Abeg make unah carry unah Yoruba comedy go one side mtcheew 😒”

@yeokady608: “so this big girl nor fit speak english nah wa oo 😮”

@khardysgram_: “This should better be staged oo 😂😂😂 imagine someone dressed like this and she opens her mouth to speak 😢 it better be staged!!”

@elevenhaag: “ This has to be a planned joke cos the stupidity on play is mind blowing”

@khardysgram_: “The interviewer sef said “which one would you like to get married with” 😂”


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