Top 10 outfits that show your side boobs with class and confidence

Do you know the most sought-after trend in breasts? Side boobs. Celebrities have made exposing that part of the body very attractive and popular. If you are interested in joining the trend, no problem. But first, you must understand some important things to show off the perfect side boobs.

You do not have to be told twice that body shape and size differ in every woman. That is the first thing you should consider before picking up that beautiful outfit that you think will show off the sexiest part of your side boobs. That your favourite celebrity stunned in it does not mean you will do the same.

So, let us discuss the top 10 outfits that show side boobs. But first things first…

What is a side boob?

Urban Dictionary defines side boob as a view of the female breast seen from a side; generally under loosely-fitting clothes. It is “the new cleavage”, as the spotlight has been shifted from the centre to the side. Many women want to flaunt their breasts, even a little. Most female clothes in vogue currently encourage flaunting those two melons. This is why doing “boob jobs” are one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries among women.

Top 10 outfits that show side boobs

1. Tank top

Tank top

Tank tops with low-cut armholes are perfect for flaunting your side boobs if you are going for a casual look. If you are going for this look, make sure the armholes are not too wide or low to avoid wardrobe malfunctions like a nipple slip. Complete the look with a pair of jean trousers and heeled shoes.

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2. Backless mini dress

Backless mini dress

The backless mini dress is a hot cake among party women who are daring in their fashion sense. This dress has a higher neckline but a very low arm cut that exposes the side boobs and the back. Do not bother wearing a bra. If your breasts are not perky enough, just use tapes, especially if you have big boobs.

3. Backless loose beach dress

Backless loose beach dress

This one is popular among fashion models advertising their “assets” to the relevant fashion agencies. The backless loose beach dress can be decent or completely sheer, just like you can see in the above picture. For regular women, the cotton beach dress that shows a hint of the side boobs is fine as the rest of the dress gives them a complete covering. For models and other fashion enthusiasts, the chiffon dress, which is sheer especially if you soak yourself in water, is the real deal as it will display your endowment in all your glory.

4. Sexy long maxi dress

Sexy long maxi dress

The long maxi dress is usually reserved for special occasions. You will turn heads if you show up to a red carpet event in that dress. This dress is so sexy and, most times, sheer, to the extent that it has become a must-have among celebrities. If you do not mind showing off some skin on the red carpet and at other evening events, the sexy long maxi dress is for you to rock and draw attention to yourself.

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5. Sexy halter neck body suit

Sexy halter neck body suit

Okay, let us say you want to hit the beach and leave an impression there, go for a sexy bodysuit that will showcase your side boobs. Of course, be ready to be the centre of attention because, let’s face it, who will see that sexiness and look away? The sexy halter neck bodysuit for side boobs comes in a variety of colours, but white and black are the major eye-catchers.

6. Side boob jumpsuit

Side boob jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is simple, sexy and classy. Of course, there are occasions for dressing but this one can be worn anywhere, except in conservative places like worship houses. The jumpsuit is a minimalist dream, featuring a high neckline with a side boob style and wide leg fit. Pair it with lovely earrings and strappy heels and, baby, you are not just ready to go, you also rock.

7. Halter neck denim jumpsuit

Halter neck denim jumpsuit

If you cannot have enough of jeans and you love to show off your side boobs, go for the halter-neck denim jumpsuit. It is great to wear for casual occasions. The best part is that you do not have to accessorise too much to achieve the best look. A pair of studs, high heel shoes and your purse are enough. With minimal make-up, there is no way you will not turn heads whenever you walk by any place.

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8. Turtle neck side boob top

Turtle neck side boob top

Who knew that turtle necks can be sexy? You can thank the side boobs for that. These turtle necks usually come with backless low-arm cuts to enable you to show off your side boobs. For a casual look that also announces you as a fashion-forward person, try this top with a pair of jeans trousers or shorts, with minimal accessories. You do not want your accessories to overshadow the side boobs, do you?

9. Side boob sheer long dress

Side boob sheer long dress

Take a look at this Olivia Wilde sheer long dress and tell me you do not want that. This dress may look a bit conservative which adds to the classiness. If you are scared of what your pastor will say but want to look good at the same time, go for this dress. Your pastor will still talk regardless but it is the best of both worlds – looking decent and sexy at the same time.

10. Deep V evening dress

Deep V evening dress

This dress is strictly for the red carpet. If you are a lover of entertainment events, you must have noticed that virtually all female celebrities have rocked the deep V evening dress. Add serious thigh splits and you will understand why these celebrities do not want to go unnoticed. However, this look is risky as you may encounter wardrobe malfunction. But if you manage to pull it off without any incident, you will be an idol to the fashion police.


If you are up-to-date with lifestyle news, you will probably know about the “no bra” movement among the ladies. The “no bra” movement is a protest against wearing brassier among the female population. So, it is not surprising that showing off your side boobs is a new trend.

But like we said at the beginning, you have to know your body before considering what you’ll wear. If your breasts are not as perky as before, tapes will come to your rescue. Until a new trend surface, the fashion world will be stuck with side boobs.

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