This is Lagos: Lagos bus driver allegedly disappears with transport fare, passengers stranded 

A group of passengers in Lagos were left stranded after a bus driver reportedly absconded with the transport fare he gathered from them.

It was learnt that the driver stopped and parked by a major road with the pretense that the bus was faulty.

After a while, the passengers realised they have been abandoned by both the driver and conductor after they had paid their fares which reportedly was N30,000 in total.

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Angered by the action of the bus driver and conductor, the passengers who were seen in a video circulating online started cursing as they sought a way to resolve the issue.

Some of the passengers elected to confiscate parts of the bus. They detached the battery powering the bus and some chairs with the intention to sell them in order to recover their fares.

The passengers were later seen in the video negotiating with a potential buyer to raise their money.

Concerned Netizens have reacted to the trending video with several reactions.

@sewdadress said:
“I’m so proud of them👏👏😍I love you guys”

@mideronke wrote:
“I LOVE THIS😍😂😂in your next life you won’t mess with people’s money, Ole”

@famous_makeover commented:
“Nigeria 😂😂😂 I lovely place to be 😂😂😂😂 cruise nation”

@smartochuka stated:
“He’ll learn in a hard way”

@leaddyskincare reacted:
“That bus isn’t for him o..Ah!
The owner don enter gbese😌”

@sir_eltee wrote:
“The driver played himself 😂 He’s lucky they didn’t go near the engine.”

Nigerian bike man rejects $100 from passenger

The video of a bike man rejecting a $100 note from a passenger has emerged online.

In the video shared on Instagram, the bike man blatantly refused to receive the money from his passenger.

The bike man further dismissed the passenger who captured the moment as he stretched the dollar note to pay him.

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In response to the passenger’s request to collect the note and hand him his change, the bike man asked him if the note he was stretching is money.

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