They stole my perfumes – Nigerian man gets shocking ‘welcome back treat’ at airport after 4 years away

A Germany-based Nigerian man has revealed how his travel items were stolen from him upon arrival at the Nigerian airport after years of being away.

The man identified simply as Rashid on Twitter shared his experience at the hands of “Nigeria airport staff”.

In the post, he accused officials at the airport of tearing his bag open and stealing his “Givenchy perfume, other perfumes, bags etc.”

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Rashid stated his disgust at the action of the officers who allegedly stole the items as he shared a photo of his traveling bag which he said cost him almost 400 Euros.

Netizens have shared mixed thoughts about his experience with some providing steps to seeking redress.

@Oswald524 reacted:
“It happens all over the world. So Nigeria is not a special case. Now you see why it is not economical to travel with expensive suitcase.”

@HAJMAJA said:
“Welcome to Nigeria. First rules: don’t use flashy expensive bags as checked in. Second rule: don’t a pair of shoes in the same bag. Put one leg in different bag. Third rule: wrap your perfume with one of your tshirts so that it’s not exposed.”

@harrydaniyan wrote:
“Let’s put this in proper context, sir: You just returned after 4 years abroad. You are a privileged Nigerian. But, these airport staff are poorly paid, they have families to look after. They just took your perfumes to make ends meet. It’s Buhari’s fault, ultimately…”

@zheun85 advised:
“Don’t bother yourself, just go to any AVSEC officer (those in blue uniform) and demand that you want them to review the CCTV. You will see the person that stole your properties and he will be sacked and prosecuted.”

@Le_Stylo commented:

“If you report immediately, you may get immediate redress and possibly arrest of the culprit. Don’t be silent. We all have a responsibility to jointly rid ourselves of the bad eggs.”

@alarapeabideeno said:
“I haven’t experienced this since I have been traveling through MMA, they sometimes looted luggage in the abroad too”

This was how Nigeria airport staff welcomed me home after 4 years, stole my givenchy perfume, other perfumes, bags etc . asin I even bought this traveling bag for almost 400 euros pic.twitter.com/5kHwAJz80o

— Rashid, M.Sc.,🇳🇬 🇩🇪 🇱🇺 (@Rashiid9) December 20, 2022

Woman chides daughter for bringing home black bird

In other news, a Germany-based Ghanaian woman was seen exclaiming in a video after her daughter brought home a big black bird from school.

She said her daughter had a habit of bringing different animals, saying she had brought in a hedgehog and a squirrel at different times.

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However, the little girl, with a smile on her face, tried to convince her mum that the black bird was harmless. She said she found it on the ground and was unable to fly.

After her mum insisted she could not keep the bird, the little girl said she was only going to nurture the bird to health and let it go afterwards.

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