Shock as woman who had three kids with her husband discovers he died two years before their first child

A Nigerian mum-of-three has been reportedly served a bolt from the blue as she found out her husband and father of her three kids died a while before they had their first child.

After many years of living together and producing three kids, the woman made the discovery when she insisted on knowing his parents.

Her story was shared on Twitter by a user, Peace Ighodaro, who claimed it happened in her neighbourhood.

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According to Ighodaro, the couple moved into the neighbourhood and started cohabiting when the lady conceived their first child.

She said the man built a land, built it and started staying comfortable with his family but would strangely never speak with a neighbour except with his family.

Things were normal until the wife insisted on meeting his family.

He reportedly gave her money to purchase items from the market which they will present to the family residing somewhere in the South-East.

The woman returned home to a rude shock as she met a note of him apologizing for his absence and including an address to his home in the village.

She would out of curiosity visit the address to present herself and the kids only to be told the man died two years before the first child.

According to Ighodaro, the woman put up the house for sale and left with her kids after finding a lot of money in his wardrobe.

Mixed reactions have trailed Ighodaro’s narration with Netizens either in doubt or sharing similar experiences, some of which are third party experiences.

@RexAn2ny replied:
“Spirit dey knack, and he nuts dey well alive to bear kids”

@bunmola2010 shared:
“I know a family with this same situation,the kids are grown up now and the woman now in her 70s still lives in the house they built off mobolaji bank Anthony way Ikeja. It happens”

@corneliusdelro posited:
“So…the man was in trouble, probably stole the money. He faked his death, but wanted to live a nice life. That’s why he didn’t speak to people and walked alone. Once she pressured him, he felt guilty and left her and the kids, leaving her with this story. Probably w another girl.”

@MR_IDAHOSA explained:
“Spirits can’t impregnate or really begin to do things like humans naaaau. That’s what movies teach. It’s not true. So the children are half spirit and half human? The story is not clear. Spirits can’t live in this physical world like humans. They need d human flesh to exist”

@Nwosustella_ commented:
“The Cs shows alot of people don’t know things like this happen.
It happens when a person dies untimely, maybe in an accident…rare but it happens. They come back to fulfill a purpose.
It happened in the area I live!”

@oluwadamilz asked:
“So, my question to you here is, those children are they fully human or half spirit and half human?”

Ok! So this woman in my area just discovered that her husband for years is a spirit!! They’ve got 3kids yo!!! Jesus Christ!

— Peace Ighodaro💛 (@peace_igho) December 16, 2022

Nigerian deploys love charm to secure her love interest

In other news, a Nigerian lady has been caught on tape using a love charm to secure her love interest.

She was captured in a short clip repeating words after a supposed spiritualist as she tied a robe around two lifeless objects.

Speaking in her native Igbo language, she commanded a man she referred to as Ifeanyi to love her as she applied the thread tightly to the object.

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Following the lead of the spiritualist who wasn’t captured in the shot, the lady declared that the man pay no attention to any other but her.

She also demanded that he married her immediately and unconditionally.

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