PM Modi’s Mother HEERABEN? Why She Was Hospitalised? Health Condition Update, What Happened to her!

New reaching us at Panafric Reporters regarding Prime Minister Modi’s mother Heera Ben has been hospitalized in Ahmedabad which is making a lot of controversies lately doctors recently released a statement regarding her that now her condition is stable talking more about her mother so we have told you her name is Heera Ben recently turned 99 in the month of June and now she has been admitted to the hospital which is located in Ahmedabad.

PM Modi Visits To Meet Her Mother Heeraben In Ahmedabad

According to our sources and information, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited his mother today in the hospital in Ahmedabad. He arrived there yesterday night at 4:00 p.m. and left before 5:30. He had traveled there to spend some time with his mother. Right now, nothing is in danger, and her condition is stable.

PM Modi visits mother on his 67th birthday, seeks blessings | India News,The Indian Express

What Happened To PM Modi’s Mother Heeraben?

No further information has been given to us and even the hospital has not shared details regarding her even the well-known MLA of Gujarat Darshan Ban Wagle and Kaushik Jain also reached out to the hospital to meet Narendra Modi’s mother as we all know that Narendra Modi is quite sensitive when it comes to his mother as it shows of pure bond with his mother she also visited with him in the campaigns held in the assembly poles.

PM Modi’s Mother Heeraben Health Condition Updates

As we have told you that she turned 99 in June Prime Minister also visited her during the time of her birthday and now we can say that she is going to make her centenary entry Prime Minister also share and wrote a beautiful blog which was quite emotional and it was being titled with ‘Mother’. Even Rahul Gandhi the leader of Congress shared well wishes with his mother.

As of right moment, PM Modi’s mother is in stable health and could be released in a day or two, thus we are also praying for her quick recovery. When we learn more, we’ll be sure to keep you guys informed. In the meantime. PM Modi’s older brother Somabhai is also present in the hospital.

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