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The experience was extremely upsetting & depressing. A 12-year-old kid is slain by a 16-year-old kid. Yeah, we are discussing a 2007 homicide case wherein 2 adolescents were implicated, and one of them died.

An ancient murder trial is making news once more and garnering a lot of interest from the internet. So this whole thing has already been making the rounds on social media, and many are curious as to what transpired in 2007. The homicide system is pending being re-examined.

What Happened To Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

According to Report: This entire incident was brought about by the play “Tibia.” All of this happened in Blumenau, Brazil. Daniel Patry, 16, killed Gabriel Kuhn, 12, after tormenting and bullying him. Dan’s family had advised him to attend mental appointments, which he opted not to do, so he then skipped school. Dan was already a combative child, according to his investigation. Other accounts claim that Daniel killed Gabriel because Gabriel had stolen money from him to use for gambling and had refused to pay it back.
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Where Are Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry?

Daniel was furious and called his mother to ask when she would be back. On the day of the incident, his mother had arrived at Nova Trento at around nine o’clock. He then used to stay in until he started playing Tibia, a position game on the internet where they met Gabriel, a little boy from the neighborhood. On the other hand, Gabe cut off his access to online connections and refused to pay back the money. Dan was recently solicited for 20,000 Tibia virtual currency by Gabe. Daniel agreed to lend him money as long as he could pay it back as soon as possible.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry Latest News, Wikipedia Biography Age

Daniel was furious, so he tied a string around Gabriel’s throat after Gabe once more threatened to reveal some of his sinister secrets. He then went to Gabe’s residence and rang the doorbell, but Gabe refused to answer. Gabe trusted what he said and flung open a door. He entered the house and shut the door. Dan started to giggle as soon as he was covered in blood. Danny assured Daniel that everything would be alright even if he apologized to them. He lost his cool and started striking Gabriel. He was brutally attacked by him.

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