Netizens react as single mother throws her man out of the house for refusing to adopt her kids

A video that has gone viral on social media shows the moment a lady threw her man out of the house for failing to adopt her kids.

The man was seen lamenting that his lover had thrown his things out of the house because he didn’t want to legally adopt her children from a previous relationship.


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The man complained that she wanted to use the adoption to exploit him.

This video has sparked several reactions; some blamed the man as they observed that being married to a single mother implies that he is supposed to automatically accept her kids as his own, whereas others supported the man as they claimed that he made the right decision.

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Netizens react

@i.am.udee: “Who’s saying having kids is a mistake, if you plan on marrying a single mother automatically her kids are yours and if you don’t want that then you can leave, how can you keep one leg in and one leg out, her and her kids are one so if you’re taking her you’re also taking them, what if she later has a child for him won’t they all be siblings or will it be a divided house? Most men know this that’s why if they’re not ready for such a relationship they usually back out and the lady will understand.”

@queen_adepeju30: “She’s asking for too much thou ,if you love him and you both love each other why not have his own kids for him ,then he will decide ,this thing is a matter of choice,why enforcing someone else’s children on him ?like who does that.”

@deepcoremelanin: “Why’s he even leaving with the woman in the first place if he’s not willing to adopt her kids?!😂😂😂 Fling those stuff outside my dear😂😂😂😂 If he doesn’t want to be a father to them,what’s the point? These things would lead to problems like maltreatment and sexual abuse so it’s better they split now.”

@cda_apekeola: “Me I don’t know how this adoption thing works abroad sha but how you wan marry single mom with kids and refuse to see them as yours simply coz their father is alive, like if you have enough money to see her and love her to marry her, why can’t you shift the love to the kids as well as far as she isn’t meeting up with her ex lover or cheating on you..🤥😒.”

@ify_ella_: “If it was a man that had kids now and then is getting married to a rich woman ya’all would never support the adoption so i’m not supporting it if he doesnt want it then she should free him then if she pleases the man should leave.”

@sylchidee: “Living in her house with her kids, eating her food , sleeping with her and to what end ? If not getting married and taking the kids to be his own . Single mums need to open their eyes, so wrong to bring in a man you are not married to living with you and your kids, the bad ones will abuse and molest your kids. It’s desperation that causes this.”

@cbabymandy24: “He doesn’t need to be forced to adopt her kids .it’s his choice .no adopting them doesn’t means he doesn’t care for them . The entitlement is nonsense . I have a daughter . My partner cares so much for her and I still let her know this ur real dad and this ur step dad (probably in future) .when she called him daddy few weeks ago that bcos she is grown to realize he is the one doing everything for her .but that doesn’t mean I have to force him to adopt her . Her biological father can still do better to in future . She is just a lucky little girl that has two men that cares for her. That doesn’t mean I’ll change her surname.I wouldn’t never.”

@m.k.o.h.o.l.g.a: “Accepting your kids doesn’t mean he must adopt them. Do you know what adoption is? If he adopts them and he and her mistakenly gets divorced, he’ll have to pay child support for kids that aren’t even his. Abeg make una Dey pity these men. If that was my brother I’d never let him adopt them. Their biological father is still alive ooo.”

@yes_im_bussie: “Lmao run away from her please 😂… She’s a whole red flag.”

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