Mohamed Salah ignores critics, shares family Christmas photos again

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has shared a Christmas photo with his family despite receiving backlash for releasing photos last year.

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The Egyptian star had posed with his family in matching festive attires with a Christmas tree behind them. His action had attracted backlash from Muslims, with many saying he was partaking in a pagan celebration.

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However, the Liverpool man has shunned the critics again this year and posted another photo with his family.

The photo has attracted backlash, with many questioning his knowledge of the Islamic faith.

Netizens react

@im.yusuf.1: “This is why we lost the finals and didn’t qualify for the world cup.”

@awofficial17: “there is no Christmas in Islam. You know.”

@fatwapermata: “Post Christmas and never post about your religion.. role model? ????”

@celalall: “Muslim brother, we love you very much but we are very surprised that you celebrated Christmas.”

@its_your_boy_bazaar: “Tomorrow’s game own-goal or miss penalty or lose…”

@sima.muhamad95: “Haram is still Haram no matter what century you live in. I don’t hate Christians, I love them, and Muslims also truly respect and believe in prophet Issa (Jesus) but it can’t be Muslim can celebrate the birth of someone(Jesus) whom his followers believe to be the son of God and God. Shirk is HARAM, it doesn’t matter whats the reason or who is the the reason of the SHIRK (That is, to associate others with Allah, because Allah wasn’t born of anyone and no one will be born of Him).”

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