It’s bad luck: Man gives couple firewood as wedding gift, Netizens react

A man caused mixed reactions as he boldly walked up to a newly wedded couple and gifted them a bundle of firewood as his wedding gift to them.

There was a moment of confusion followed by laughter at the wedding occasion as a result of the man’s shocking gift to the couple.

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In a short TikTok video, the man walked up to the couple where they were seated and gifted them firewood as a wedding gift.

The couple found it funny, as they laughed it off while the man went ahead to strike a pose with them and the firewood.

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The short clip went viral on social media, and some people opined that the man’s gift was a sign of something bad to come. Others made funny remarks about it.


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Netizens react 

@user4956796370804: “What is the meaning of firewood; in all culture it means suffering, hardship, badluck.”

@intel9083: “Gifting someone firewood is a bad omen.”

@dicky: “And I believe he was honest with it. Cheering is the greatest thing in life.”

@Winniewins1: “Everything is possible in this planet.”

@Gena Igorot: “That’s very useful gift with them, it symbolizes the warm up of the beginning of the new family.”

@ogelism111: “What will my eyes not see.”

@halimatusadiya: “If am the one I will not collect.”


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