I need a good Nigerian man to marry – Lady says as she returns home emptyhanded after 15 years abroad

After spending 15 years abroad, a Nigerian lady has returned home with nothing but hopes of a fresh start.

The lady who said in a post that she was returning to Nigeria with only “good health” to show for her time in Dubai hinted she spent her time “paying madam”.

She shared her ordeal in a clip as she arrived in the country pulling a box at the airport.

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Determined to return to make things work, she stated her optimism of getting a good man to settle down with in Nigeria.

While she didn’t name the nature of the job she did for this madam, social media users have suggested she must have been involved in sex trafficking.

Here are some reactions:

@profitboijazziejonz wrote:
“Her destiny is tied to a man 😢 body count go don reach 725”

@mrgoodnews011 commented:
“She only mentioned the years, imagine the body count. May God heal and give her a better direction. Annoying thing is that some people won’t still learn. 2023 lots of girls are still planning to do the same thing.”

@kng_henry encouraged:
“My dear there’s stilll hope for you. Funny thing is it’s ppl who have had a life experience like yours gets to marry a good husband. That’s how funny life can be. Life is not fair to anyone but yours is a story to live for. The best is yet to come.”

@olaniikemii advised:
“You better go back, awon my past is my past😢”

@annieejudgeez said”
“Yoruba men would gladly welcome you sis🤗”

@som_miles reacted:
“Some past are too terrible to ignore oo. As we are living our youth now , make we remember say tomorrow dey come.”

@iam_panshaq wrote:
“So the good husband will marry you that has been over used by Arabian men .. Nigerian men don suffer shaa”

A Nigerian man has reportedly refused to allow his wife to relocate to the United Kingdom with him.

In a tweet shared by Ben X, the husband, who is the user’s uncle, has lived abroad for 20 years but declined to allow his wife to move over there with him permanently.

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According to Ben, the woman has been living in Nigeria and they keep in touch by visiting each other once in a while.

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