Ex wey no get joy: Nigerian man laments as ex-girlfriend names her puppies after him and his family

A young Nigerian man has disclosed the ridicule his ex-girlfriend is putting him through after their relationship ended.

He revealed that he and his family are now a laughingstock in their community as a result of the actions of his ex.

Trouble according to him started when he started dating another lady after breaking up with his ex months ago.

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As soon as his ex who lives only a few blocks away from him caught wind of his newfound love, she goes to get herself male and female puppies.

She then names the puppies after him and his new lover.

According to him, things got worse when the puppies attained reproductive age as his ex gets to name each puppy after one of his family members.

The man who asked for help to stop what he calls “nonsense” said; “We are a laughing stock in the community.”

Nigerian man laments as ex-girlfriend names her puppies after him and his family

Man states what he misses about his ex girlfriends

A Nigerian man identified by the handle @olawealth64 on TikTok has joined a growing social media trend where users are required to reveal five exes and state what they miss about them.

The young man while participating in the new trend on Tik-Tok stirred up mixed reactions as he also shared things he loved and missed about each of his exes.

He revealed in his photo display, an ex identified as Nancy whom he said he misses because of her romantic nature.

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For the next, Powesh, he claimed he misses her because she was good in bed.

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