Drama as man drags wife’s friend to court for stealing his goats

A Kaduna State farmer, Adnan Sani, has sued Ms. Saudat Bagobiri, his wife’s friend, for allegedly stealing four of his goats.

According to NAN, Sani dragged Bagobiri before the Sharia court in Kaduna.

The complaint informed the court that the defendant had one time returned two of his missing goats and asked him to loan her a male turkey to mate with her female turkey.

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According to Mr Sani, “Those two goats she brought got missing again, and we found another goat of mine tied up in her compound. A couple of days later, the fourth goat got missing too.

“She returned the male turkey, but I suspect her of stealing my four goats. She deceived my wife into thinking that she was a good friend.

“The only reason why she got close to my wife was to steal our animals,’’ he said.

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On her part, the defendant said she didn’t know anything about the missing goats.

“I found one goat roaming in my compound because I also rear goats.

“When I found the goats, I beckoned on him to check if the goat was his own, which he confirmed that it was indeed his. He took the goat and left,” she said.

The case was dismissed by the judge, Malam Salisu Abubakar-Tureta, stating that all claims made by the complaints were mere assumptions.

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The judge discharged the defendant.

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