Don’t come home without first class: Nigerian father warns daughter after raising N20m for education 

A Nigerian man has raised a staggering sum of money for his daughter’s second degree.

The father challenged his daughter to graduate with a first-class because he has spent a lot raising her in school.

In a viral video, the father stated that he has so far raised a whooping N20 million to send her to further her education and that he’ll be expecting a stellar academic performance at the end.

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He warned that she shouldn’t even think of coming home if she doesn’t bag a distinction upon graduation.

The daughter argued that it isn’t easy to finish with good grades, appealing to her father to become more reasonable because the pressure of trying to make a first-class might affect her mental health.

But her dad insisted that she must learn to read and pass exceedingly well because he can’t afford to pay N20 million for her to perform poorly.

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He then suggested that if she would not finish with a first class, then the family would raise N2 million instead of N20 million so she could focus on doing her bag business. The daughter stated that since she has already gotten a first class in her B.Sc. degree, she wouldn’t need to push twice as hard now.

At some point, the father talked about stopping her from seeing men, but she protested vehemently that he shouldn’t do that at her age.

She then asked him if he didn’t want her to get married, and he responded by saying; if that’s the case, she should abandon her studies and find a man to marry.

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