Be like I go quit Igbo: Nigerian man claims he spent N2.7m on marijuana this year

A Nigerian man has sparked mixed reactions from Netizens after revealing how much he allegedly spent on marijuana this year.

He stated the quantity of marijuana he bought in 2022 alone sums up to N2,706,000.

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The man seemed unimpressed that he had spent so much on marijuana in one year, so he considered quitting smoking.

In a video making the rounds on the internet, he could be seen with a sad countenance and folded arms.

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The video was posted with the caption:

“Overall funds spent on Igbo this year = NGN 2,706,000.

“Be like I go quit Igbo.”

Netizens react

@talkplenty: “Na why my dealer house don almost complete😑”

@Amkleb: “When you think about how much it help you keep your sanity you won’t complain.”

@og_zarus: “Very legit. One cup na like 10k.. person wey no Dey do friends fit Dey buy one cup every two day’s.. multiply by 365days 😂”

@ayo.j.cross: “Make una stop this lie.”

@kwamezack_: “No youth in Nigeria can’t stop it.”

@flowki.way: “2.7million? Lol you never spend be that na 😂😂😂😂”

@jeffryprettypretty: “That means he doesn’t smoke a lot, only this year, some guys spend more than N6 milion on loud 😂”

@sarahlovethpaul: “I no fit check bank history again Igbo too much 😂”.

@N.B.C: “Man I can’t still get the overall amount 🤦‍♂️”.

@Slim Dadi: “igbo nd data moni fit buy car.”

@Skinny seunfunmi: “When people ask me for my achievements this year, I Dey show them ben10 empty sachet bags”.

@Safetosay6: “Have you tried buying for a month without paying and dealer brings bill😂”.

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