Woman who didn’t know she’s pregnant gives birth on plane 

A woman, identified as Tamara, who wasn’t aware she was pregnant, shockingly gave birth mid-flight on a KLM Royal Dutch flight from Guayaquil, Ecuador, to Spain.

She was caught off-guard last week on the flight when she decided to use the bathroom due to stomach pain and ended up giving birth.

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Fortunately for Tamara, some medical practitioners were on-board, and they helped with the surprise delivery on Wednesday, December 7.

When the flight stopped in Amsterdam for a layover, the new mother and her baby were taken to the hospital for immediate medical attention.


“A few hours before landing in the Netherlands, her stomach hurt, and she decided to go to the toilet. To her greatest surprise, after two contractions, she suddenly had a baby in her hands,” the hospital spokesman said.

“Tamara had no idea she was pregnant and was quite taken aback by the event.

“Two doctors and a nurse from Austria were on-board and were able to assist with the surprise delivery.”

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It was learnt that Tamara and her baby, who she named Maximiliano, are currently doing fine.

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