Wives of Repentant Boko Haram Terrorists Delivered over 300 Babies in Camp

The Borno state government on Tuesday, revealed that wives of repentant Boko Haram members have delivered 263 babies in four months.

The government disclosed that the births, which happened at the health facility within the Hajj camp that houses the reformed members, had occurred during the course of their rehabilitation.

The Medical Officer in charge of the health facility, Dr. Mohammed Saleh broke down the the spread of the births across the year:

94 children were birthed in July 2022, 98 in August, 60 in September, and 11 in October.

“Almost on a daily basis, we carry out delivery,” Saleh said.

The Hajj camp is said to house about 16,000 people with over 500 women and according to reports the November births number about 20.

Over 3,000 houses have been constructed in the camp for those who are married with children, while those who are single are kept in other tents.

The Senior Special Adviser to the Borno State Governor on Security Matters, Brigadier General Abdullahi Ishaq (Retd) said more than 85 percent of the repentant Boko Haram fighters who have surrendered were forcefully enlisted by the combatant fighters.

He stated that logistics for catering for the repentant terrorists remained a major challenge and even more so as the babies are arriving.

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