“With the right clothes, you’ll survive -40 degree Celsius” — Nigerian man encourages relocation to Canada (Video)

Canada-based Nigerian man encourages his compatriots to relocate to the European country while shunning the exaggeration of their cold weather.

"With the right clothes, you'll survive -40 degree celsius" — Nigerian man encourages relocation to Canada (Video)

A video making rounds on social media captured the moment a young man headed to work at 5:28 am highlighted survival tactics despite Canada’s freezing weather.

The young man stated that despite the weather being -40 degrees Celsius, it’s still conducive if the right choices of clothes are worn.

Adding to his point, he stated that Nigerians should not be discouraged from relocating to Canada.

“If person like me survived cold in Canada, my brother my sister, you can survive it. Don’t let anybody discourage you,” he stated.

Watch the video below …


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