Why Nigeria blue film industry is gaining national appeal

The Nigeria blue film industry is becoming a very profitable and popular business. The depiction of sensual content has become in demand by Nigerians, especially by adults. Even children who have access to technological devices such as phones and laptops and the Internet have become addicted to such content at a young age.

So, what is the blue film industry, referred to in Nigeria and other climes as adult entertainment? Why is it enticing Nigerians?

What is the blue film industry?

Nigerian blue film industry

Blue films, also known as pornographic movies, erotic movies, sex movies, and 18+ movies, are movies that feature sexually explicit content to titillate and satisfy the audience. Typically featuring erotically arousing content like nudity and sexual intercourse, blue films depict sexual activity. It is sometimes said that pornographic and erotic movies differ in that the latter contains more overt sexual content and places a greater emphasis on arousal than on sex. However, this distinction is highly debatable.

The rationale behind the nickname blue films for pornographic films comes from the reels or films that were initially used for conventional movies in the 19th century. The reels used for normal movies were white and expensive to use. Consequently, B-grade or adult movies were typically made on a tight budget as they were produced using cheaper blue reels instead of using white reels or film.

Depending on the market and the technology available, pornographic movies are made and released on a range of platforms, including cable TV, home video, DVDs, traditional film stock and the Internet. For years before the tune of the 21st century, pornographic movies were available for purchase or rental on DVD, seen on specialised channels via pay-per-view on cable and satellite, and seen in adult theatres.

But in this digital age, blue films can be streamed over the Internet virtually for free. Although there are websites that operate a paywall, the majority of porn websites globally are free for customers to visit, stream and download the uploaded videos.

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Nigeria blue film industry 

Nigerian blue film industry 

Although the practice of pornography is frowned upon by local culture, blue films are very profitable in Nigeria. The blue film or pornographic industry in Nigeria is described as “Nude Nollywood”, with Nollywood in reference to the country’s conventional film industry.

The majority of Nigerian porn actors and actresses are reportedly former sex workers or victims of human trafficking who were deported from European and North American countries. However, in recent times, there has been an increase in young men and women who are unemployed who voluntarily enrol in the industry and engage in being filmed publicly for sex to gain some remuneration.  

Asides from the practitioners who have now gained popularity, many porn actors and actresses in Nigeria cover their faces with masks to protect their identities. When they do not wear masks, their faces are blurred in the videos using editing technology.

Although people do not watch them openly, it is reported that a lot of people watch blue films in Nigeria in private. They are typically not allowed to be broadcast on free-to-air television or in the mainstream media by legislation.

The Nigerian blue film industry is said to be a very lucrative business, with the likes of Judith Opara Mazagwu (popularly known as AfroCandy, Sandra Ekwunife, Christian John (better known as Krissyjoh Chris) and Mareme Edet (a.k.a. Uglygalz) hitting it big and getting their pockets fat.

Savage Trap Queen, now a former adult film actor in Nigeria, mustered the confidence to speak with reporters about the developments in the country’s porn sector. Ededey Eworitsemogha Joy, as she is known by her parents, began acting porn in 2017 and said she earned an average of N100,000 for each movie she shoots.

Trap Queen, who quit acting porn in 2020 after her explosive interview with a foreign media outfit, insisted that there are distinctions to be made between prostitution and blue film. In contrast to porn, which is more of an act and not real, prostitution, she said, involves pure sex and money.

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How to join the Nigerian blue film industry 

How to join the Nigerian blue film industry 

The blue film industry, just like Nollywood, also requires talent and skills. Here are some tips for joining the Nigerian blue film industry 

You must be talented

Even though acting may be learnt, having true talent is essential since those who have it naturally and can excel in the field will always have an advantage over others. The difference between the best performers and actresses and the average ones can be attributed to this edge. Additionally, it guarantees your continued success in the field and they frequently receive additional lead roles, which translates into bigger pay, or more money in the bank.

Develop your talent through further training

It is not enough to simply have a natural skill, you also need to hone it and remove any imperfections. To hone their talent, prospective artists can enrol in acting classes or academies. For this aim, there are numerous acting and cinema academies in Nigeria.

Build your network 

In the blue film industry, you cannot succeed without networks and contacts. You also cannot succeed on your own; you require the support of those who have come before you or are travelling the same path. Building connections with actors and actresses and producers who are dedicated and serious and who share your aims will help you expand your network.

Go for auditions

Get the contact information and put yourself forward for auditions. By attending auditions whenever they are offered, you can also improve your chances of landing gigs. Obtain contacts for well-known “Nude Nollywood” producers as well. The majority of today’s movie stars found success through successful auditions.

You must not be afraid of having sex publicly

This is perhaps the most important of all the tips. Anyone aspiring to become a porn actor or actress must have expertise in sexual activities and, more importantly, must be willing to be filmed publicly while having sex.

Such a person must be comfortable having sex with any individual put forward by the producer and/or director and must perform optimally to make sure that the acting has the desired effect on the viewing public.

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