Water woes: Some Joburg areas : critically low as Rand Water places 50% restrictions on 11 reservoirs

Utilities and Regional Operations MMC Daryl Johnston said Tshwane residents need to take heed of water issues in Joburg.
He said Tshwane has areas which have temporarily run out of water.
Some areas in Johannesburg have been throttled by 50%.

Tshwane residents need to look to Johannesburg to remember that water restrictions are serious, according to MMC for Utilities and Regional Operations Daryl Johnston.

He said the City of Tshwane sympathises with the residents of Johannesburg, “and we hope that the initiatives taken by their leadership will help resolve the water challenges there”.

“This should serve as a lesson that the water restrictions are serious, and as Tshwane residents we need to comply.”

He said some areas in Tshwane had temporarily run out of water, and vulnerable areas such as Soshanguve and Mooikloof, had been affected.

“Rand Water has actively worked with us to provide relief to affected areas. During a meeting with Rand Water, it came out that the City of Tshwane is doing well with regards to saving water. In this regard, I would like to thank our residents for using water sparingly. Let us continue working together to save water.”

Joburg Water on Thursday said the Hursthill reservoir remained critically low, while Brixton and Crosby systems were stable. The entity said it was monitoring Helen Joseph Hospital in Auckland Park and Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital in Coronationville.

The hospitals have been struggling for the past two weeks after Rand Water throttled their supply by 30%. Load shedding and the heatwave worsened the situation, leading to surgeries being cancelled and doctors having to bring in water to flush toilets.

USANEU.COM visited the facilities on Tuesday.

JoJo tanks had been installed and there were boreholes at both hospitals. At Helen Joseph Hospital, a hallway was closed off and bottles of water were stacked up against the wall.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Rand Water restricted water flow by 50% to the following systems:

Blairgowrie reservoir
Bram Fischer reservoir 1
Corriemoor reservoir
Cosmo City reservoir
Fairlands reservoir
Kensington B reservoir
Kensington B tower
Meadowland reservoir 2
Robertsville reservoir
Witpoortjie reservoir
Witpoortjie tower

Johannesburg Water said the infrastructure could see up to a 70% restriction but was currently stable at 50%.

On Thursday, Joburg MMC of Environment Infrastructure and Services Department Mpho Sesedinyane visited Alexandra to speak with residents on issues they face, which include having no water.


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