Viral Shooting Report At Canada’s Vaughan, Six People Dead Including 73-Year-Old Suspect, Who Is The Suspect?

Straight from Canada’s Vaughan where 6 people died including the Suspect after a shooting incident happened in the Toronto suburb of Vaughan.

First of all, we would like to express our deepest apologies to all the victims who died on 19 December 2022 and make their souls rest in peace. The information was propagated by the regional police department and they confirmed all the victims and the time of this incident. The victim was hospitalized.

Shooting Reported At Canada’s Vaughan

He was taken to the nearest medical facility but unfortunately, his life could not be saved and Police Department have not released his identity.

It all happened near the residential building it was a Sunday evening and everything was going very smoothly but suddenly a male Shooter started shooting randomly on the street people had to call emergency services and as they arrived already five people had been shot and murdered brutally and in the bout, they were able to shoot that at the suspect.

Six People Dead Including 73-Year-Old Suspect In Canada’s Vaughan Shooting

He was immediately taken down and later he was taken to the hospital. He was neutralized and he was no longer a threat to public safety. There are no further details available on this case and they never disclosed the names of the victims. Canada is already suffering from a lot of crises and there are a number of kidnapping reports and disappearance cases the major shooting incident happened this year where two brothers killed over 30 people. This seriously shows the disappointing behaviour of authorities.

Who Is The Suspect?

As a developed country Canada must be more solid and standing against such cases and they should immediately punish the suspect butter almost the opposite is happening and it will keep troubling and depreciating the repetition of this developed nation and how they have been completely unsuccessful in providing basing needs like security to their countrymen.

We hope that we are not going to see more cases like this in the future and everything will be secured.

How they are not able to protect the lives of innocent citizens and something must be done before things get out of hand. The same type of attack happened in 2018 as well where many people were shot and 13 people were injured across the city and it was a totally violent act.

It is very shameful and most of the people who laugh at the Internet are bashing the authorities on this casual nature as a developed country Canada must be.

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