Top secret Youtube Programming tutorials won’t teach you about coding

This article brings to you amazing top secret Youtube programming tutorials won’t teach you about coding as a beginner.

1. There are hundreds of ways of doing the same thing. Your job as a developer is to build a solution which is efficient, maintainable, scalable and flexible.
Do not copy the tutorial code to build an app 1:1, build your own design and compare. Iterate and improve.

2. Your code will never run in the first go as the tutorials show. You’ll make mistakes, a lot of them. That doesn’t necessarily mean your design or direction is wrong.
Learn to debug. Use debuggers; find the flaw in your logic. That’s what a lot of real programming is all about.

3. Automated testing is an important part of any real application. If you can write good tests, you can produce a much better & smoother experience.
Practice writing tests when you build a project. It can literally make or break you as a programmer.

4. Real work of a programmer is not just making something from scratch, but often taking an existing piece of code, understanding it, fixing it or building on top of it.
Reading other’s code requires a lot of patience, heavy use of debuggers and trial runs. Build this skill.

5. When you work in a team, you cannot simply keep stacking features on a single Git branch. You’ll often branch out, rebase, merge & a lot of the times have merge conflicts
Develop good Git skills. Learn to understand and resolve conflicts, learn to rebase & cherry pick commits


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